Car Insurance After Drink Driving Ban

Obtaining a Car Insurance After Drink Driving Ban can prove to be an uphill engagement. Most insurance companies will either set higher subscription rates for car owners convicted of drunk driving, or will not consider to offer them insurance premiums at all. A convicted driver must be psychologically prepared to face this cruel reality. Research suggests that very few drivers, a figure as low as 12%, convicted of drunk driving are charged for repeating their mistake in the following decade after the first offence. Several companies have come to terms with this fact, and offer car insurance to such drivers if they meet a certain set of conditions. A few tips may also help the convicted driver looking to insure their vehicle get a good deal.

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Search Online

An online search for a Car Insurance After Drink Driving Ban is more likely to have a positive outcome compared to a physical search. Considering that not all companies are open to the idea of giving insurance to a convicted driver, an online listing helps narrow the search to a few companies.

Offer to Pay a High Voluntary Excess

Most insurance companies will require a car owner convicted of drunk driving to pay a voluntary excess for every claim forwarded to be handled. A higher voluntary excess projects a driver willing to take a higher chunk of responsibility in any claim thereby translating to a lower insurance premium.

Negotiate a Limited Cover

An insurance company that is contemplating giving an insurance policy to a convicted driver will be more at ease if the policy only allows a few named drivers on the wheel of the insured vehicle. Insurance experts view this as one way of bringing down the risk hence likelihood of a claim, when compared to allowing any person in possession of a driving licence to handle the car.

Drive Less

It is highly unlikely that an insurance claim will emanate from the mishaps of a parked vehicle. Reducing your annual mileage further pushes down the risk of being involved in a road traffic accident, a characteristic that appeals to insurance companies therefore giving you a good chance of landing a favorable Car Insurance After Drink Driving Ban.

Beef Up Your Motor Vehicle Security

Any insurance company you approach for a Car Insurance After Drink Driving Ban will assess the security details of your vehicle. This is in line with efforts to establish the amount of risks they are walking  into. Installing a high level security system for your car will help improve the possibility of low premiums.

Ensure Your Car Parking Lot is Safe

The insurance company will expect that you have a safe garage or driveway to park your car while not on the road.